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Name:Lieutenant Sarah "Mace" Graham {OC}
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Name: Lieutenant Sarah Marissa "Mace" Graham - Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO)

Age: 27

Languages: Does "can curse better than a drunken sailor" count as a language? She knows enough Spanish to get into trouble, is fluent in Italian - learning the language amused her, and made a good distraction from training at times, and has a smattering of Persian (Farsi dialect) from her time in theatre.

Family Background: Mace is Stephen Hart’s half-sister from his father’s second marriage. There was a nine year gap in age between them. She may have sometimes idolized her older brother, but also would say he was a right pain in the ass about her sometimes. While there wasn’t any animosity between the siblings, Mace did legally change her name back to her mother’s maiden name when she became an adult. Both of her parents are now deceased, leaving her with no living relatives that she’s aware of.

Career Notes: Mace went to Sandhurst at the same time as Fee and Hils, but was in a different “company” so knows Fee better, because elements of their specialist training overlapped. She did three, six month long tours in Afghanistan. During the first of those, her brother Stephen died. The deployment was the reason Mace never made it home for his funeral. Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO) training takes 3 years, but you wouldn’t believe some of the things she got to learn to do. (The day the instructor told the group they were going to learn (theoretcally) how to defuse a nuke made her two parts gleeful and one part scared.) After having pushed the limits of the harmony guidelines, as most EOD personnel do, she’s currently on UK based duties with the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC), as bomb disposal. She’ll be up for her promotion to Captain in about a year; she needs another good report first. She doesn't begrudge Fee or Hils their early promotions though - she wouldn't want to have earned her promotion the way they did. Battlefield promotions are almost as hazardous as some of her toys.

Personal Notes: Mace loves making things blow up -- and she likes it even better if she generally isn’t going to get jailed for doing so. She likes to play with her weapons and work out. She has a fondness for music and cooking. And loves to drag her team-mates out to embarrass themselves at karaoke. Mace rides a motorbike, a Ducati Streetfighter S, at high speeds and likes doing the repairs to it by herself. When she was younger she wanted to be a racer but both her parents and brother were not on board with that idea. She's bisexual and while not with anyone right now, sometimes she would like to be.

As Played By: Jessica Steen

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